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French Handball team won Algeria hardly

 Portes Algerian's manager said just before France fixture in the World Cup of Handball 2021 that the match will be difficult, he meant the difficulties are in the Algerian side, but just after the first half we see how the Coqs are lost and they couldn't play with their rythm that they usally play with. Massoud Berkous the Algeria,s team Hand star scored 3 penalties from 3 (100%) and Les Fennecs finished the first 30 minutes losing for two points only. And where the experts expeted the collapse Algerian side.. Algeria tried hard to improve more and more until they took the lead 20-21 but unfortunately the experience did the diffrence where the world's champios six times won in the last minutes in global diffrence of 3 goals only, and Berkous the man of the match.