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Another loss for Liverpool in Anfield against Btrighton

 Brighton surprised defending champions Liverpool, to beat them with a clean goal on Wednesday evening, in the twenty-second round of the English Premier League.


Stephen Alzate scored the match’s only goal in the 56th minute.


Liverpool stuck at 40 points in fourth place, while Brighton rose to 24 points in fifteenth place.


Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp relied on the 2-3-1-2 way of playing, as captain Jordan Henderson stood alongside Nathaniel Phillips in the depth of the streak behind me with the support of the two backs Trent Alexander Arnold and Andy Robertson, and James Milner played the focal point, and Jorginho Vinaldum And Thiago Alcantara, while Xherdan Shaqiri moved behind the attacking duo Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino.



On the opposite side, Brighton coach Graham Potter resorted to the 3-5-2 play method, where the backline was from Ben White, Louis Dunk, and Adam Webster, and there were Solly Marsh and Dan Byrne on both sides, and Pascal Gross, Yves Pisoma and Stephen Alzty were positioned in the middle The stadium, while Neil Mobay and Leandro Trussard cooperated in the front line.


Liverpool threatened its visitors' goal early in the third minute when Henderson sent a smart ball, through which Salah broke the offside trap before he fired over the goal.


Liverpool continued its danger, in the 14th minute, a cross passed over Milner's head to reach Shaqiri, who was surprised by it to waste himself the opportunity to shoot.


Brighton's first serious opportunity came in the 24th minute when a pass reached the French striker Mobay, who was turned by Henderson off, and the ball reached Bern, who fired from close range over the goal.


Brighton almost opened the scoring in the 34th minute, when he launched an attack that resulted in the ball on the right to Marsh, who fired over the crossbar.


The remaining minutes of the first half were equal, and Gross sent a cross towards Mobay, who rose above Firmino, but a header crossed the goal in stoppage time.


Liverpool's performance improved with the start of the second half, so Shaqiri passed the ball to Firmino, who fired from the outskirts of the penalty area, which Bisuma rebounded next to the goal in the 53rd minute.


And Brighton managed to open the scoring in the 56th minute, when Bern raised a cross, Phillips tried to keep her away, but she reached Alzate, who deposited the net.


Liverpool tried to innovate in order to adjust the score, so Thiago cunningly took a free-kick towards Firmino, but Webster was reluctant to cut the ball at the right time in the 62nd minute.


Divock Origi and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain entered the Liverpool squad in place of Shaqiri and Vinaldome, and Salah missed a good opportunity to score in the 70th minute when he followed a quick one-touch pass from the right to Arnold near the goal.


Goalkeeper Kevin Kelleher, who took part in the place of "the patient" Alison Baker, saved his goal from an investigator in the 74th minute, when Dunk's header bounced off the defense, reaching the ball to Gross, who had defended Kelleher for his attempt before Henderson prevented defender White from exploiting the rebound ball.


Mobaye passed a special ball to Trussardi, who advanced it and stormed the penalty area, before he made a skill break that ended with a shot that goalkeeper Kaemvin in the 81st minute and Bessuma chose to shoot from afar instead of passing to his teammates so his ball went away from the goal in the 89th minute.